First look

Ferrari 488 GTB

by- Nitin Sharma

Ferrari 458, a car that has turned the fortunes for Ferrari. One os the best selling car Ferrari has ever produced. Also it was the last naturally aspirated V8 powered mid engined rear wheel drive supercar to come out of the factory gates.


Ferrari launched the successor of 458, named as the 488 GTB in the year 2015 and though it has been quite a few years since it’s launch, we are here to see what it really feels like.


The 488 doesn’t feel like a much of a departure from the 458 if we talk about design but oh boy is she pretty! There are massive air dams in the front bumper which is divided into three partitions. Everything flows smooth and there are channels throughout the body to make the wind flow over the car and produce downforce to keep the tyres sticking to the tarmac. The bonnet itself has channels from where the air flows to the back of the car. The back is unmistakably the best bit of this car. The tail lamps are redesigned with the brake lights in the outer ring and the turn indicator inside them glowing into what kinda looks like a beautiful flower. The prancing horse logo to the middle and this one here got twin exhaust pipe instead of three in 458. The sides are also different from the 458, and it is a big one. While the 458 had a rather clean looking side profile. The 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta gets massive air dams on both the side and this make it look angrier. But despite of all these, the 458 used to look more menacing and piercing to the eye. The 488 has rather more chiselled look.


One thing that doesn’t make you feel special about this car is the interior. Not like its bad or something, it simply doesn’t feel like it belongs to a 4.5 Cr supercar. Though one thing I really love is the steering wheel in this thing. Like I’ve got all the controls I need like turn indicator: check, ride control: check, driving modes: check, engine start/stop: check, wiper settings: check, dipper: check. Strangely though, there are no volume controls on the steering wheel probably because when you’ll be driving one of these, you’ll prefer listening to that sonorous V8 instead of any music system. Also I love the feel of these aluminium paddle shifters, they feel sturdy. The whole cabin is wrapped into lovely leather, all looks good, feels soft to touch but then there are these knobs down the center of dash, they are just too damn cheap to be used in a car of this price, again strange Ferrari things.


Now let’s talk about what is the best thing that a Ferrari carries, the engine. And this is no ordinary one, for the starters it’s a V8 and then for the first time in the history of Ferrari, this is one turbocharged motor. And one does that mean is that the 488 GTB is more than a 100 hp powerful than the 458 Italia. Now this is a huge departure considering the new car is also nearly 200 kgs heavier than the previous version. This motor is also good enough for producing well over 760 Nm of torque which is quite good for a V8 mid engined supercar. The only thing is though because of the turbochargers, it feels a bit muted and just isn’t excited enough to listen too. But what I can surely say, it is gonna be complete bonkers to drive on a race track.

Braking duties are handled by 398mm carbon ceramic discs up front and 360mm at the back. These brakes are made using the same technology which is used in the Laferrari which means that this car is 9% better in braking than the 458.


488 GTB can do a 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.0 seconds dot and has a top speed of 330 Km/h.


Now this Ferrari gets up head on against the Lamborghini Huracan primarily and the crazy thing is even the normal GTB is more powerful than the track focused, more powerful performante version of Huracan.


At 3.68 Cr ex showroom for the coupe and 3.94 Cr for the spider, this baby Ferrari is one of the best supercar that has came out of that beautiful building in Maranello.



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